Some of our most common health concerns can be addressed with gifts from nature, knowledge and pure ingredients, backed by science.

To help you feel better we have put together all of this in a comprehensive product portfolio.

We aim to be the leading provider of nutraceuticals that will not only promote overall health benefits and help you feel better, but also assist in the prevention of many diseases.

Our range of nutraceuticals include dietary, food and health supplements, nutrients and herbal medicines; bringing to you the most natural, pure and effective health solutions.

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About AJ Pharma

An innovative pharma company determined to provide our communities with the most effective healthcare solutions from prevention to treatment

AJ Research and Pharma (AJRP), a wholly-owned subsidiary of AJ Pharma Holding Sdn Bhd, is an integrated healthcare and life sciences company founded by Saudi-based Aljomaih Group. AJRP is headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and functions as the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical manufacturing and commercial arm of the holding company. Our focus is on developing unique products and delivery systems for a range of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical segments. We are well-positioned to expand and strengthen the group’s regional footprint to serve the community better. We strongly believe in continuous learning and improving through partnerships and collaborations. Our business partners include leading technology-based pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies.


The Aljomaih Group itself is based in Saudi Arabia, and is one of the top 10 investment groups in that region. Established in 1936, the Group has made investments in various sectors globally, including oil and gas, healthcare and life sciences, food and beverage as well as the automotive sectors. The company was attracted to Malaysia’s value proposition and hence initiated several investment options in Malaysia and the region.


We aspire to become an innovation-driven world-class pharmaceutical and nutraceutical company providing the community with the most effective healthcare solutions – from prevention to treatment.


  • To develop leading pharmaceutical and nutraceutical brands that will cater to the respective healthcare needs of each region, expanding our footprints in regional markets including ASEAN, Gulf Corporation Council (GCC), Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and Africa
  • We strive to serve the community with our distinct advantage of long-established networks and a deep understanding of the social, cultural and economic aspects of our markets


Behind every successful company are the people that drive it. AJRP puts together the best scientific, management and marketing talents under one roof and practices a culture of excellence to ensure the highest standards.


About AJ Pharma


AJ Pharma Holding was established by the Aljomaih Group of Saudi Arabia as a dedicated, Malaysia-based healthcare investment company.

The Group’s investment philosophy is a coherent way of thinking about markets and its UNMET needs, how they work and the time-frame that is needed to determine the success of an investment. The Group’s investment strategy differs from most, as it is based on a set of outcomes that are community-centric. It is a set of core beliefs that gets the Group recognised as a strategic, social and financial contributor to the domain and region it enters.

Our Group strongly believes in continuous learning and improving through partnerships and collaborations in our investments.

AJRP and AJ Biologics, wholly-owned subsidiaries of AJ Pharma Holding, support and complement the roles of the parent company.